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It's Freeeeezing

Well, it’s January. Freezing temperatures in Minnesota are commonplace, something all us natives to the area are used to. But every winter we come to temperatures that are unseasonable even for veterans of this state, below zero readings.

St. Cloud and the surrounding areas have below zero daytime highs, but are actually much colder than predicted when factoring in the wind chill. The lows for the next two days in St. Cloud are hovering around the -30 range. Yikes.

You know it’s cold in Minnesota when the predicted highs are right about zero and the predicted lows are in the negative teens (or colder). The wind is what really makes the temps spike so low during the day, the wind chill making it feel significantly colder. But at night, the gloves are off so to speak, the temperatures dropping so low that us mortals cannot stand it for too long (you know, hypothermia and frostbite are pretty terrible).

The National Weather Service put in a wind chill warning into effect for the metro, but St. Cloud is an hour north of that, so the warning is a given there as well. The Spirit Mountain Resort in the Duluth area cancelled night time ski activities Sunday night because it was too cold, and will most likely do the same Monday evening as well.

Us Minnesotans are used to the cold temperatures, but when the mercury drops this low, very few of us make it a point to be outside. Bring on spring.

Posted on January 21 2013