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You Are Never Too Young For Self Defense Classes

Self defense classes are never a bad idea for one to learn, especially at a young age. Parents are always worried about their children’s safety and this is one way to help ease their racing minds when their children are out and about.

A group young students and their parents attended their first Self Defense and Safety Awareness Class at Becker High School on Tuesday evening. The program is offered by the Young Americans Schools of Self Defense and Safety Awareness. Their instructor, a black belt named Mike Keller, has been teaching classes like this since 2006.

One might think this is a karate type class where students can learn to run, jump and fight like a ninja. But Keller’s foundation principles to self defense are self-esteem, respect for others, and self-discipline. He also teachers non-counterstriking and non-aggressive self-defense techniques in his program.

This course makes sure to teach children the dangers of being alone and how to avoid sticky situations. It teaches the children physical and verbal techniques to avoid abduction. These could come in handy for a child in harm’s way.

To learn more about the Tuesday classes, contact the Becker Community Education Office: (763) 261-4506

Posted on February 27 2013